Opseu 613 sets the record straight!

Opseu Local 613 sets the record straight!
The faculty bargaining team from Opseu continues to work hard to get students and faculty back in the classroom across Ontario. The recent news release from Council has provided information that is incorrect. Opseu has and continues to be willing to negotiate.

After negotiating through the weekend, on Monday morning the OPSEU bargaining team thought they would be leaving the table with a deal. Instead Council announced that it was again stopping the process.  The College Council could have brought a forced vote to the table Sept 15th.  The tactic of waiting until week 4 of the strike to take this step will prolong this strike for staff and jeopardize the student’s semester and academic year. Faculty do not want to be on strike; they want to be with their students in the classroom.   


We believe in a future of full time employment for our students, quality education, fairness for contract faculty, as well as, stability of the system. The Council has not addressed the main issues and in fact added language that further erodes the faculty work, both full-time and part-time, contrary to what is being stated.   OPSEU is at the table and continues to be willing to bargain in good faith.    


We all agree in the need to end this strike and get students back in the classroom. Without the protection of a collective agreement it is neither practical nor possible for faculty to return to work while waiting for a vote that very well may be turned down based on all the concessions and issues not addressed. In order for this semester to be saved, Council needs to come back to the table and negotiate a fair settlement.


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For further information contact Frank Turco president@opsue613.org